Fall Scavenger Hunt_Free Printable Packet

Fall Scavenger Hunt_Free Printable Packet



Before I tell you about my scavenger hunt, let me just say…


“Autumn, the year’s last loveliest smile.” ~~ William Cullen Bryant


I live in a wonderful city. It’s especially great in the fall. Oh fall. **Deep, happy sigh.

My very favorite time! Makes me want to drink a Chai Latte and have a Harry Potter marathon! My little city becomes surrounded by beautiful trees, leaf covered sidewalks, pumpkins on stoops, and omnious skies.

Maybe it’s the teacher in me, but fall feels like a new start. For me it’s a chance to establish new habits, be creative, make amazing memories, explore outside, reflect and to spend time with people I love.

It is great to get outside with your child…especially before the frigid temperatures set in (don’t even want to think about that yet!) Why not enjoy this festive time of year with a scavenger hunt?


Do it! Go on a scavenger hunt!


Find a beautiful spot with plenty of room to run around. Take your child and your map key (*found in packet). Discover. Bond. Explore. REPEAT!

I love this activity in a park. So much room to explore and create memories. Although, if you find yourself stuck at home, take a walk around the neighborhood or even just your backyard.


Fall scavenger hunt_FREE printable packet



♥ Thrifty Pittsburgh Girl

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