A Pop of Christmas_Decorating with Small Children

A Pop of Christmas_Decorating with Small Children

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The dilemma

Navigating Christmas decorating when you factor in tiny humans can be a challenge! How do you prevent shattered ornaments, keep lights that look like an awesome chew toy from being a hazard and keep constant stress away?

Well, there isn’t one answer to that question! But in the meantime, I would love to encourage you to use your common, everyday items around the house to add a pop of Christmas, appropriate and fun for the kids, to your home!

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7 reflections

  • Search your toys for Christmas colors. For example, I took out the red & green trains and quickly it looked like a Christmas train!
  • Organize your books by color. I love having a section of red & green books. Most are not actually Christmas stories but they are a fun decoration!
  • Garlands are simple! I added a triangle/twine garland across the bookshelf. Easy. Vibrant. Happy.
  • Stuffed animal friends…how quickly they accumulate! I gathered a few Christmasy friends (Rudolph & Hermey) and now they are a fun pop of Christmas on the bookshelf! You could even add a red or green bow, bandana etc. to a common stuffed animal to make it festive.
  • Share something special with your kids. 6 years ago (wow), I had an amazing opportunity to travel to Romania with my cousin Brooke on a short term mission trip. While there, I got a set of nesting dolls as a special souvenir. It makes me so happy to allow the kids to interact with them! Perhaps you have  something you can introduce to your kids this holiday season? You can share the special story with them too.
  • Use creative spaces to add a splash of Christmastime to your house. In the past, I would not have thought of using a bookshelf as a special place for Christmas decorations. I love the idea of having special nooks around the house with kid-safe Christmas decor. Think about maybe adding to the kid bedrooms, playroom, kitchen…places where you inevitably spend a lot of time with your kids!
  •  Finally, the birth of Jesus is the focal point of Christmas for my family. If it is for yours too, I would encourage you to invest in a nativity that is safe for kids to interact with up close! Last year, I attended a local craft show last year and got my wooden nativity for $12! What a delightful find!  A few friends that own the Little People Nativity Set. So adorable. It might be a worthwhile investment for your family. (See below).


One more thing

Merry Christmas to you and yours! I hope this season brings you joy & cozy, happy moments with your loved ones!

♥ Thrifty Pittsburgh Girl

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