Finish Christmas Shopping BEFORE the holidays

Finish Christmas Shopping BEFORE the holidays

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Your legs are aching.  A headache is pounding and your eyelids feel heavy. Why not just throw in the towel? Look at that cart with 15 impulse purchases! This deep guilty feeling is intense.

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It’s mid-December. It’s almost dinner time. You are so hungry. Whiny kids in the shopping cart are crashing and falling apart. These gifts will be purchased or else you might start crying with your kids! You question yourself…why am I here? This is NOT fun. But it feels mandatory.


Let’s talk


We’ve all been there: Setting out on a grand Christmas shopping adventure that immediately lost its magical touch.


 Escape this Awfulness


I want to give you 5 motivating reasons to FINISH Christmas shopping BEFORE the holidays! Here we go!


1. Avoid Impulse Purchases

You pour yourself out, 365 days a year, in one way or another. Avoid evaporating your hard earned dollars. I find the closer to December 25th I  shop, the more prone I am to be impulsive…meaning my hard earned dollars will be gone on something I don’t really need or want.  It makes sense! If you are tired, standing in a long line, nervous that you won’t get another opportunity to shop before Christmas, you are going to be vulnerableto impulse shopping.


 2.  Homemade gifts

If you are like me, you love the idea of homemade gifts…but so often you don’t give yourself enough time. You tell yourself, “Well, I guess I’ll save that idea on Pinterest and make it next year when I have more time.” I completely understand.

You are capable of creating something amazing! The best part about a homemade gift is that you can enjoy the whole process of producing something so special. Would you rather be sitting on your couch working on a lovely DIY project with your beautiful tree glowing or standing in a long line with awful florescent lights shining down on you? {More ideas & planning tips on my free PDF}.


3. Time for traditions

No matter what age you are, your relationship status, or your living situation, it’s never too late to begin a new holiday tradition. Imagine replacing all that travel time to and from stores, the precious minutes waiting in awful lines, looking for your car in a chaotic parking lot, with cozy and wonderful traditions like watching your favorite holiday movie together in fuzzy pajamas.


4. You CAN slow down

Don’t believe the lie that its impossible to avoid the rush of the holidays. Yes…it’s not going to be easy. It will require planning.  But the fact you are taking the time to read this is an amazing start!


5. Quality time during the holidays

Quality time, my friends, is magical.

It’s true.

You need it! Prioritize quality time over shopping.

Trust me,  your kids will LOVE IT. They will be so blessed to have a calm, happy mama.

You want to get your friend something amazing? How about inviting he or she over for dinner and cook their favorite foods? If you are long distance, FaceTime and “watch” a Christmas movie together. Give her the gift of your time. It will be a precious gift.

Help your busy spouse enjoy the holiday season as well! Don’t waste his limited free time. Ask him what his favorite holiday activity is and make it happen. I’m about 99.9% sure he or she won’t request standing in lines at the mall.

Quality time, my friends, {I repeat}, is magical.


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♥ Thrifty Pittsburgh Girl


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